A Mixed-Use Business Complex in Shoham Industrial Park

  • Client

    Rafi Nehushtan + Kardan

  • Location

    Shoam Idustrial Park

  • Year

    2022 - 2025

  • Status

    • In Process
  • Program

    Retail, Logistics, Offices, Data Center

  • Area

    72,000 sqm

  • Services


  • Categories

    • Mixed Use

Drawing inspiration from the turn of the century architecture of the Industrial Revolution, we sought to create a mixed-use Industrial Business Complex that would provide flexibility and diversity to cater to a vast and varied potential clientele, while maintaining a cohesive, respective formality.

The client's vision was clear from the outset: to maximize the potential of the plot and realize a project that would use all the existing building rights. Our main priority was to bring this vision to life in a way that was both functional and appealing, using the allowed uses of the zoning plan as a guide. The steep topography of the site posed a major challenge, but it also served as an opportunity to introduce an additional ground level that opens to the basement level of the building, enabling the sheltered server farm space to be nestled in the mountainside while the technical rooms face the exposed side of the façade. The orientation of the building and available open views further informed the design, directing the massing and position of openings in order to frame distinct views.

The façade is composed of three main building materials - Terra-Cotta Panels, Aluminum Composite Panels, and Fiber-Cement Panels, which create a balance of texture and color. The distinct ramp along the eastern side slices the building diagonally and creates two distinct masses that follow-through with a shift between the concrete-like look of the Fiber Cement and the Terra-Cotta cladding. The interiors and spatial layout of the building are accessible through the ramp, providing direct access to each logistical unit, and each level includes shared loading bays for larger vehicles. The landscape design considered all building levels as opportunities to introduce vegetation, including vegetated balconies that provide workers with quality exterior space and a green landscaped roof deck that opens to the office units.

Our design process first addressed arranging the building functions programmatically within the landscape, considering the uses like a 3D Tetris, and combining all the different elements into one integral complex. Collaboration with consultants played a crucial role in ensuring the feasibility of integrating all the unique elements within the project. Despite the complexity and site challenges, the project delivers a mixed-use complex that maximizes the plot's potential. From the industrial-inspired design to the sustainable features, this project demonstrates our commitment to creating innovative and responsible architecture, where least expected.

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