Infosys – Panaya

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    Hod Hasharon

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    • Completed
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  • Area

    4,200 sqm

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    Interior Design

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    • Interior Design

Panaya a hi-tech company engaged in computerized systems for managing organizational resources. The company devotes considerable efforts to enhancing its employees’ well-being. The company serves an open bar of 15 different bowls of vegetable for self-preparation each lunch break. The kitchen is open throughout the day and the employees can enjoy fruit, yogurt, whole breads and freshly-made lemonade. Sports and fitness facilities are spread throughout the office and yoga and pilates classes take place on a regular basis.

These principles of a healthy and natural lifestyle, awareness of the environment, and the consideration of every little detail that may add to one’s quality of life, have defined the design requirements and have threaded throughout the careful space design. The Company’s offices spread over 4,200 sqm on three floors of a Hod Hasharon building. A spacious entrance on the middle floor welcomes the office visitors, and opposite is a natural vegetation wall designed specifically for this space. This wall, made of plastic pipes that are mounted on a painted metal element, brings into the space green vegetation, which also serves as a filter for sunlight entering from the southern wall direction. In order to encourage cooperation and mutual interaction between the employees, the Company’s areas are divided into open-spaces, with specific spaces spread throughout the floors, designated for informal gatherings and meetings. A central Work-CAFE serves all the employees, and two staircases with unique wooden design connect the floors, all with the intention of encouraging employees to meet in one central and shared space. The open-spaces are adjacent to the windows and are bathed in natural light. The spaces are enveloped in butterfly-shaped partitions made of a wooden frame with artistic prints. The partitions provide an appropriate solution for the visual privacy required when working in an open-space environment. As part of the emphasis on the preservation of the quality of life, ergonomic chairs and tables that adjust to different heights were chosen for the employees. Separating between the open-spaces are erasable boards for employees’ use, and they too constitute an additional privacy barrier. As a complement to the wooden frames, a cork cover in a natural shade and texture was chosen for the wall, which radiates warmth and earthiness. In order to maintain the high of the floor, we have chosen to leave the ceiling exposed, with red painted tin elements supporting the visible air conditioning system along the total length of the passages. These elements offer color and rhythm along the corridors.

Design Team  Orly Teichtel, Ori Halevy

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