• Trinidad ResortCuba

    The Trinidad resort is perfectly sited between the clear turquoise waters of Cuba’s Caribbean coastline and lush emerald, green rolling country side. Only few minutes away from Trinidad's International airport and harbor, the project’s location offers the convenience of easy international accessibility, and yet remains  removed from main tourist hubs, which are located closer to the capital city.  For those that are looking for an authentic Cuban experience, fused with modern luxurious resort amenities, the Trinidad resort has much more to offer drawing its design vision from the four fundamental guidelines: environment, hospitality, experience and quality.

    Status: In Process

    Scope: 430 hectar

    Services: Masterplanning

  • Modern design, quality of construction and service, natural materials and an emphasis of craftsmanship in detail are built-in to the thinking and concepts of the Trinidad resort project. Exceptional, signature design strikes a balance and creates harmony between new development and the existing natural environment and fabric. Quality allows the coexistence of restful, relaxed environments with active sporting outdoor activities. Quality is also about the supreme level of service, exquisite varieties of restaurants, cafes  and exciting nightlife and music.