Omer Dellus-Neeman

Associate Architect

I chose to work in Auerbach Halevy following the “Taavura” project I saw under construction. I thought, an office designing a garage that looked like an event hall was an office I want to work for. I’ve been working for Auerbach Halevy for 5 years and lead a variety of projects that involve team management. I see every project as a new world; both intriguing, an opportunity to learn and each one containing a wide spectrum of specialties. Our projects are mostly large-scale, with impressive clients and a talented team that is both satisfying and engaging. What is most important to me is caring for my work team, the dynamism of the work, our professional guarantee and team performance. “I wish that the person who executes a project has at least the same enthusiasm as the person who plans it.”

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