Omer Dellus-Neeman

Associate Architect, Director of Strategic Development

With over 15 years of experience in architecture and management of complex projects, Omer completed both his Bachelor's in Architecture and a Masters in Engineering at the Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, starting his career in design and project management roles with the MOD working on complex Mega-Projects. At Auerbach-Halevy Omer leads a team with a specific focus on transportation and public tenders. With vast experience in PFI/BOT tenders from both government and contractor roles, Omer finds the inherent teamwork required for such projects as one of the most compelling aspects. "I love working on transportation projects, and specifically Metro and Urban Rail. I feel these are fields where the public impact is  immense. You have the power to improve the commute, make travel time more efficient and friendly. The urban insertion of stations is a delicate process with the "tip of the iceberg" being the design and layout of the entrance into the streetscape and it's design positively contributing to the urban setting." For Omer, Auerbach Halevy brings together the opportunity to work on large scale urban infrastructure projects, while not losing sight of sensitive and thoughtful design. "Every project is more than its brief. It's about understanding the underlying layers of data, users, and stakeholders. One such example is the Main Kitchen project at Sheba Hospital. Although it started as an industrial kitchen design, by recognizing the hospital's need for green space, we integrated the kitchen roof with the landscape, offering a peaceful spot for the public.” Beyond his project work, Omer heads the firm's Strategic and Business Development and serves as a board member for the IDeA Network on behalf of Auerbach-Halevy.

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