Yaniv Snir

Associate Architect

Yaniv Snir is a talented architect in Auerbach Halevy who sees good architecture as one that combines functionality and excellence. The ability to integrate aesthetics, art, and engineering and influence the appearance of public spaces are the factors that motivated him to choose architecture as his professional specialization. "In general, the success of any project is reflected in the plans that will be implemented and in professional discussions with my colleagues. This is how we ensure a successful transition from the initial idea to reality." The following quote summarizes the principle that guides Yaniv along his professional path as an architect: ”For three things, according to VITRUVIUS, ought to be considered in every fabrick, without which no edifice will deserve to be commended; and these are utility or convenience, duration and beauty. That work therefore cannot be called perfect, which should be useful and not durable, or durable and not useful, or having both these should be without beauty”. Andrea Palladio, “The Four Books of Architecture”, 1570

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