2025, Reality show

A 3,000 sqm reality TV set designed & built within four months

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    • Completed
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    TV show set

  • Area

    3,000 sqm

  • Services

    Architecture, Strategic planning

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    • Culture, Civic & Education

The Keshet 2025 project presented a unique challenge for our architecture firm: to design and construct a functional television set within a four-month timeframe. Covering 3,000 sqm, the filming and production stage consists of two main components that work together to bring the show to life.

The front of house features a visually engaging town center, while the back of house serves as the behind-the-scenes hub, complete with hidden passages, production rooms, control rooms, and all necessary facilities for smooth on-set filming. The control room, reminiscent of a space mission control center, houses a dedicated team of directors, producers, and technicians managing over 100 concealed cameras.

To achieve this ambitious project, our team offered guidance on construction, buildability, phasing, and transforming an unused warehouse into a working set. We worked hand-in-hand with builders and tradespersons on-site, troubleshooting and resolving issues as they emerged.

Our collaborative approach, coupled with attention to detail, allowed us to form a cohesive "special forces" team, including Keshet production, project managers, and contractors. Through combined efforts, we accomplished the project on time, resulting in a captivating set ready for its television debut.

Collaboration Set Designer Michael Sasson

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