• Carasso MotorsMeuyan Sorek Industrial Zone

    Photography by Uzi Porat

    Status: Completed 2020

    Size: 27,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • In planning Carasso's brands main sales and service center in the center of Israel we created an active wall facing the street. A corrugated roof covers and unifies the various buildings, including exhibition halls and garages

    The complex located in Me'uyan Sorek Industrial Zone, adjacent to the IKEA complex, is located at the head of the industrial zone's main traffic artery and is designed to serve as an activity and traffic zone on the route between the future train station and the crowd-pullers commercial areas. In order to create an active and interesting urban wall, we planned a wide and shaded walkway for pedestrians, crossing the lot from east to the west. The exhibition halls and other commercial areas face the promenade fortified by pavilions scattered all along.

    The corrugated roof covering the various parts of the complex like a blanket - such as a garage, display and commerce showrooms – forms a dynamic architectural element that unifies the various parts of the building. The slopes of the rooftops, working together in harmony and rhythm, convey innovation and lightness, with an associative reference to the quality industrial structures of the early 20th century.

    The topography of the plot creates a height difference of two stories from one end to the other. The design makes use of this situation to create an upper terrace for the operations center and a parking lot with 400 parking spaces underneath. The back of the exhibition halls faces the parking lot and its front faces the promenade. Thus, through the separation of the levels, a division is created between the various areas that allows the service center activity to be carried out simultaneously with the promenade without interruption, where the exhibition halls serve as a mediator and a lookout for the drivers waiting to complete their car service.

  • The roof blanket is met by walls that match the use of the buildings - screen walls are used in the exhibition halls and in the pleasant public areas of the service center, and walls covered with tin and bare architectural concrete surround the work areas of the service center.

  • Under the combined Carasso brand, the independence and dedicated branding of car companies was also examined, while integrating them into work, service and public area spaces. The visual definition of the public areas intended for reception and the areas of work and service also reflects the mode of operation and programmatic planning that divides the activity in the service center between service granting areas and service reception areas, and between areas open to the public and areas designated for employees only. Each of the various parts of the service center has been designed and tested according to the characterization of the work process, in order to maintain the efficient, fast and safe movement of the employees while ensuring maximum welfare, sanitation and productivity conditions.

  • Aerial Photography by Sagi Moran

  • Photography by Sharon Tzarfati, for Sasson Aluminium