Maccabi Sport Museum

Trophy in a white box.

  • Client


  • Location

    Ramat Gan

  • Status

    • Unbuilt
  • Program

    Museum, Offices

  • Area

    3,100 sqm

  • Services

    Architecture, Interior Design

  • Awards

    Competition 1st Prize

  • Categories

    • Culture, Civic & Education

The DNA of this building exudes dynamism, precision, delicate balance, levitation, transparency, and an elusive quality of grace. Our proposed structure embodies these qualities, taking the form of a white cube that appears inviting, happy, and unencumbered. This cube has been designed to accommodate museum spaces, an office wing, classrooms, and a hostel, all while allowing for clear separation between these areas. To maintain consistency with the existing buildings on the Kfar Maccabiah campus, we have used a combination of white plaster, glass, and colored aluminum boxes for the building's finishing materials and architectural language. To create a bright, impressive showcase for daily life in the Maccabiah village, we have transformed the museum from a flat box on the second floor into a transparent vertical structure connected to the entrance hall. The museum and the other areas are housed within the white cube, which is located at the end of the boulevard axis and elevated on a plinth. A ramp leads up to the entrance, creating a special and memorable experience for ceremonies and events. The ramp connects to a covered entrance plaza and foyer, which in turn lead to the museum and other areas inside the building, creating a seamless sequence that can elevate many activities within the Maccabiah village.

South Elevation


Floor plans 0-4. No scale

Museum as focal destination

Concept Analisys | Roof covered Main Entrance Plaza

One of the benefits of this design is its simplicity, which has important implications for the budget. The structure requires no expensive engineering lugs or spatial shells and clearly communicates its content without any need for excessive embellishment. Furthermore, the building meets the area requirements outlined in the program, coming in at 3,100 square meters.

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