Rehovot Ha’Holandit

Luxury Assisted Living in Rehovot.

  • Client

    Mediterranean Towers

  • Location


  • Year

    2021 - 2025

  • Status

    • Under Construction
  • Program

    The developer of the Rehovot Mediterranean Towers is overseeing a project spanning approximately 36,000 square meters. It comprises sheltered housing with 250 units, along with a nursing ward featuring 36 beds. The residential complex consists of two 18-story towers, supported by two public basement floors. The public areas within the complex include a swimming pool and gym, a restaurant, cafeteria, classrooms for sports activities, a synagogue, a minimarket, and a barber shop.

  • Area

    36,000 sqm

  • Services


  • Categories

    • Healthcare & Assisted living

Pland by Dov koren Architects Ltd. Designed for the prestigious Mediterranean Towers chain of assisted living communities, the project in Rehovot offers a unique combination of luxury high-rise senior housing in a developing urban environment. Carefully chosen to provide easy accessibility to the main traffic routes, the complex offers a direct connection to the city while maintaining a sense of tranquility and open spaces that the tenants desire.

The project comprises two residential towers, each standing tall at 18 stories high, with a total of 250 units. The towers also include a 36-bed nursing department. Covering two double spaced plinth floors, the towers' public areas cater to diverse resident needs, including a central kitchen and dining room, classrooms, sports facilities, a synagogue, commercial areas, and swimming pools.

Drawing inspiration from Rehovot's cultural and scientific heritage, the interior architecture , by Studio Gad, seamlessly integrates with the building's design, creating a cohesive and visually rich environment.  Establishing a strong connection between interior and exterior spaces, the landscape design features a spacious garden with green spaces, pools, and abundant vegetation. Most apartments include corner balconies, further enhancing the resident's connection to the scenic surroundings.

Design Team Dov Koren, Ayala Gal, Meirav Cohen

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