• ZimHaifa, Israel

    Impressive offices with modern design inspired by maritime culture

    The old office building of the shipping company Zim  in Haifa's lower city, bore the company's logo in giant lettering and was an Icon for Haifa city. The new office complex of shipping company, although not displaying the iconic logo, keeps the essence of the maritime world.


    The complex, a seven-story office, functions as a small town. It includes a history museum, an auditorium, dining room, classes and pensioners club. In each floor you would find a service center with meeting rooms, network room and a fully equipped kitchenette.

    Status: Completed 2004

    Size: 12,000 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • The interior is designed with materials, shapes and motifs that carry a direct connection to the maritime world that underwent architectural abstraction. Within the walls of a square frame, curved wooden motifs were built and are present in various forms, serving as wall covers or constructions. We chose a special technique of connecting the wooden pieces together At the same time we used glass to divide into space without breaking the flow of natural light.


    The vast conference room space is shaped as an elongated oval. Over the huge table that accompanies the space hangs a magnificent sculptural object, which resembles a fishnet.