Daphna Auerbach-Biran

Managing Partner, Engineer

Daphna is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Auerbach Halevy Architects. With a third-generation engineering background, she brings extensive experience and expertise to her role, leading the firm's most successful projects. "Success in any field, particularly in planning, stems from the team, which includes clients, planners, and contractors. The atmosphere, language, professionalism, and friendship make all the difference. Ultimately, both success and failure belong to us all." As Managing Parnter, Daphna is responsible for managing many of the firm's most complex projects, including overseeing consultant coordination, timetables, budgets, and on-site supervision. Her expertise and guidance have been critical to the success of numerous projects undertaken by the firm. "Coming every morning to a place I love that fills me with energy, to meet people who make me smile and to the creative spirit of the studio – This is the essence of Auerbach Halevy, and I find myself constantly thinking how I can make the people around me feel the same."

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