Noam Muskal

Associate Architect

Noam leads the Interior Design and Concept divisions at our firm, expertly guiding global and local clients through transformative projects in Israel and beyond. Beginning his journey as a student within the company, Noam has flourished professionally, ascending to his current role with dedication and passion. At the core of Noam's design philosophy is the development of a bespoke design profile for each client, tailored to their distinctive characteristics and business objectives. He firmly believes that every client deserves a personalized solution, as no two customers or spaces are identical. "As an architect, I'm honored by the privilege and responsibility to positively impact both people and the environment. The ultimate reward is witnessing a client's delight at the culmination of a project." For Noam, striking the perfect balance between innovation and functionality is paramount to successful architecture. In today's ever-evolving and visually saturated world, he emphasizes the importance of adhering to timeless architectural principles, such as mass, form, material, and light.

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