Bayit Balev

A friendly approach to Geriatric and Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Client

    Bayit Balev for Maccabi Healthcare Services

  • Location

    Rishon Lezion

  • Year

    2018 - 2022

  • Status

    • Completed
  • Program

    Nursing wards, Rehabilitation wards, Swimming Pool, Dining Room, Ambulatory Institute, Administration

  • Area

    27,000 sqm

  • Services


  • Categories

    • Healthcare

The Geriatric Rehabilitation and Nursing Home for "Bayit Balev" in the Rishon Lezion old industrial district is part of a larger complex that includes a branch of the Assuta Hospital. Within the complex site, our focus was to maximize the facades and views towards external spaces for the benefit of the patients, while also maximizing the use of building rights and potential occupancy. The project's main priority was to create a warm, value-added living environment for the patients. The brand identity of the client, Bayit Balev, required to design a "home away from home" experience, in the tight regulated conditions and specifications required for of a hospital wing.

The site's location near a cemetery and in a changing industrial area influenced the architectural outcome. The project includes two wings enclosing a courtyard, with a swimming pool that opens up to the external spaces. The building is mostly experienced from the side, so we needed to find a way to make it noticeable and stand out. To achieve this, we used Corten cladding diagonally cut to create a striking and recognizable pattern. The building includes 13 nursing wards in a 6-story building above the ground floor and a basement, with a pool, dining room, administrative areas, lobbies, and an ambulatory institute. The project's interiors and spatial layout are designed to provide maximum flexibility and continuity of care for the patients, connecting underground to the adjacent Assuta Hospital.

Functionality, livability, and natural light were the main inspiration for the design concept

The building radiates warmth, modesty, and elegance, with a shell designed to stand the test of time. Grey stone cladding provides the building with a formal public appearance, while interior colors are mostly bright with touches of wood for warmth. In addition to providing a high-quality healthcare facility, we strove to achieve a project that would trigger the revitalization of the Rishon Lezion industrial zone, demonstrating the power of good design to transform and enhance urban environments.

Design Team Ayala Gal, Dov Koren Photographer Asaf Pinchuk

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