Ori Halevy

Partner, Architect

Ori Halevy is a co-founder and Design Principal at Auerbach-Halevy Architects. He has always worked as an independent architect, starting his own firm as a student. Ori holds a B.Arch, Cum Laude from Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa, where today he also teaches the Final Project Course as a Professor. Inspired to become an architect by Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater", Ori Holds on to the creativity, original thought, and problem-solving aspects of his work. Bracing the excitement that comes with starting to draw when he never knows what will come out. "For me, the hardest point in a project is the beginning, staring at the blank paper. To cross that place I use the tools I’ve picked along the way: intuition and scars from past mistakes – or in one word: experience. But my most effective instrument is hunger. The hunger to innovate and to invent; to try something different that we have never worked on before, and my gut feeling tells me that this time it’s going to work. The years and grey hair taught me how to transform vague ideas into clear methodology. We know now how to carry out our sketches into successful projects. So how do I think 'outside the box' on the box I’m planning right now? The answer is different each and every time. The site is different, the brief and context are different, the client is different and I’m also changing from project to project. That’s why I don’t believe in a signature of design, as successful as it may be, that can be copied from one building to the other. Each project holds an inner secret, waiting to be revealed – and I’m a very patient detective."

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